Thursday, March 30, 2017


Body Sushi is the most exclusive form of serving sushi or sashimi. It consists in eating straight from the body of the model that plays the role of a table. The most characteristic element of Body Sushi ceremony is the aspect of serving the human body. All cultures have such an intimate sphere related to nakedness and undisturbed privacy of the human body. Depending on the region, culture and religion, it is a taboo subject to a smaller or larger extent. Body Sushi blurs the borders between natural shyness of the naked body, cultural influences and intimacy which we usually enjoy in our own bedroom. Some people refer to Body Sushi Ceremony as playing with food, similar to such fun as placing whipped cream on one’s lover. Both games are based on the same principle; however, in case of Body Sushi much more attention is paid to the very dish

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