Monday, November 21, 2016

Types of kisses

1.Standard Kiss
A simple kiss and a great way to get and give feedback about the kiss you do most often.

2.French Kiss
Lean together into a simple kiss, open your mouths and touch tongues lightly. Enjoy the feeling of your tongues moving against each other. Important point - do not move too deeply into your partner's mouth.

3.Sniff Kiss
Popular in Asian nations where public kissing is frowned upon, the sniff-kiss doesn't involve lips at all. Lean into your date and put your nose near their cheek, ear, or neck. Inhale their scent deeply.

4.Nip Kiss
Instead of kissing with your lips, lean in close and gently bite your date’s lower lip, being very careful not to bite too hard.

5.Eskimo Kiss
Put your faces close together and gently rub noses back and forth, up and down, or any which way you like.

6.Butterfly Kiss
Get close to your partner and flutter your eyelids against their cheek, neck, lips, or nose.

7.Upside-Down Kiss (Spiderman Kiss)
Have your partner lie on their back or sit in a chair and lean their head back. Lean over and give them a kiss with your heads pointed the opposite direction (noses near each other's chins).

8.Flavored Kiss
Take a bite of strawberry, orange, piece of candy, or anything else and then give your date a French kiss.

9.Mystery Kiss
Head to the local supermarket or candy shop and each pick out a bunch of flavors you like – this could be things like root beer barrels, toffee, grapes, strawberries, etc. (jelly bellies work well). Don’t show each other what you bought. Take turns closing your eyes while your partner eats a bite and then gives you a French kiss. See if you can guess the flavor!

10.Sucking Kiss
When kissing with an open mouth, gently suck on your date's lower lip. Pull away slightly while kissing for that little extra touch, but not too hard.

11.Vacuum Kiss
When your lips are pressing together, gently suck the air out of your partner's mouth.

12.Fish Kiss
Suck your cheeks in so that both of you look like fish and try to kiss each other before you burst out laughing. Keep trying until you succeed.

13.The Non-Kiss Kiss
Lean in close to your date until your lips are barely touching, rub your lips against each other's without puckering.

14.Lick Kiss
Instead of touching your partner's lips with your own, lean in closely and gently run your tongue over their lips. End with a light kiss.

15.Tease Kiss
Lean in until your lips barely graze each other's and pull back slightly. Do this a few times, enjoying the feeling of your partner’s breath, before kissing.

16.Candy Kiss
While French kissing, pass a piece of hard candy or gum between your mouths.

17.Ice Kiss
While French kissing, pass a small piece of ice between your mouths.

18.Capture the Candy Kiss
Put a Skittle, M&M, or other small candy in your partner's mouth and see if you can find it and move it to your mouth. Don’t use anything larger than Skittles or M&Ms.

19.Sliding Kiss
Expose your partner's feet, ankles, legs, stomach, and neck. Have them lie down and gently kiss them on the foot and slide up to the ankle, knee, thigh, stomach, and finally neck. Make sure to slide your lips across the skin between light kisses.

Gently, but firmly suck on your partner's skin until the area is pink or red. It may be best to do this in an area that can be covered by clothes.

21.From Behind Kiss
Hold your date from behind and when they turn their head, move yours around to meet them and kiss.

22.Slow Motion Kiss
Kiss your date at one-half or one-quarter speed.

23.Opposite Kiss
If you usually kiss with your heads tilted to the right, try kissing with them tilted to the left.

24.Downward Kiss
Starting at the ear, kiss down along your partner's jaw to their neck or collarbone.

25.Tickle Kiss
Start by giving your partner a normal kiss and then start tickling their ribs, stomach, or underarms. See how long you can continue while you’re both laughing.

26.No Lips Kiss
Lean in close, open your mouths slightly and touch tongues without touching lips.

27.Blow Kiss
Give your partner wet kisses on their neck, back, or shoulder (their choice). Pull back slightly and gently blow on the area to give them a cooling sensation.

28.Woodpecker Kisses
Have your partner close their eyes and give them short, quick kisses all over their face. See if you can cover their entire face before you burst out laughing.

29.Lady and the Tramp Kiss
You both hold one end of licorice, taffy, fruit, or whatever in your mouth and eat until you're kissing.

30.Shocking Kiss
Shuffle around the carpet until you build up an electric charge, lean in close until only your lips meet and give off a spark.

31.High Low Kiss
Lean in and kiss your partner's upper lip, then pull back slightly and kiss their lower lip.

32.Kiss on the Hand
Take your partner's hand and give it a light kiss on the top or palm.

33.Kiss on the Cheek
Kiss your partner on the cheek.

34.Kiss on the Neck
Hold your partner from the front or back and kiss them on the neck.

35.Frog Kiss
Move in close, open your mouths, and touch tongues quickly and briefly, like a frog trying to catch a fly. After about a dozen touches melt in for a long French kiss.

36.Kiss on the Ear
Lightly kiss your partner's ear, gently nibble or suck on the earlobe. Just once, lightly explore their ear with your tongue, many people don't like this but you never know.

37.Kiss on the Back
Ask your partner which part of the back they want kissed. Pull up their shirt and kiss the area gently, rubbing your chin, cheek, and nose across the area.

38.Kiss on the Foot
Ask your partner where their feet are ticklish. Avoiding those spots, lightly kiss them on the top of the foot, ankle, or toes. Give them a little tickle when you're done.

39.Kiss on the Navel
Pull up your partner's shirt and gently kiss them on their navel. Use your tongue to explore the area.

40.Kiss on the Nose
Hug your partner close and give them a soft kiss on the tip of their nose.

41.Kiss the Eyes
Ask your partner to close their eyes. Start by lightly kissing the cheekbone once, the eyebrow once, and then very gently kiss your date's closed eyes.

42.Kiss on the Forehead
Hold your partner close and give them a firm kiss on the forehead.

43.Switch Kiss
With this kiss you're going to kiss your partner the way they usually kiss you and vice-versa. If they're taller, start by standing on a chair, and use the style they do, kiss the lip they kiss, put your tongue in their mouth if they usually put theirs in yours, hold them the way they hold you, you get the idea. This can be a real eye-opener!

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