Monday, July 4, 2016

Cool jobs

Medical marijuana tester
These folks get a high from their jobs – literally! “With so many medical marijuana dispensaries popping up in states like California, Colorado and elsewhere, a new job niche is forming for reviewers who can critique the quality of these places and their products,” MSNBC reports. But there’s a catch: reviewers have to be able to legally buy their own medical marijuana.

Water slide tester
Tommy Lynch has one incredible job – though it can get slippery at times! Lynch is the “cool pool tester” for Choice Holiday’s resorts. He checks the height, speed, water quantity and landing of the resorts’ water slides to ensure that “everything is right” for vacationers, MSBNC reported. “I do have the best job in the world,” Lynch told the Daily Mail.

Chocolate taster
This is one sweet job! Sally McKinnon, who is a chocolate taster and product development manager for the grocery chain Tesco told MSNBC that it’s “the best job in the world.”

Inventor of fried foods
Yummy, this mouth-watering job is delicious! Abel Gonzales of Dallas is an “inventor of fried foods” – it’s how he makes a living! He came up with Fried Cookie Dough, a Fried PB&J and numerous fried cookie recipes.

TV corpse
If your ideal job involves you doing next to nothing all day, consider becoming a TV corpse. You’ll get to hang out on set, get free lunch and you could get paid up to $200 for the day. That’s not such a bad gig for just having to lie completely still!

Beer taster
When you have a job like this, you have a warm, fuzzy feeling inside more often than most of us do. The reason: Unlike wine tasters, beer tasters actually get to swallow the beer before they can rate the experience. Cheers to that!

Video game tester
If you love video games, this just might be the job for you. Video game testers play video games over and over and over again to ensure the quality, check for bugs, see if they can “break” the game, and more.

Luxury bed tester
“Okay, so this job didn’t go on forever, but it sure sounded fun while it lasted. In August 2009, Roisin Madigan, a college student from Birmingham, England, got paid about $1,600 to spend a month trying out top-of-the-line beds and mattresses ranging in price from $8,000 to $43,500,” MSNBC reports.

Travel blogger
Couples who love to travel and write will love this gig. Thailand tourism officials recently advertised for couples who wanted to travel to and blog about Thailand. “The five winning couples would have all of their travel expenses covered, and the couple who did the most outstanding work online while in Thailand would win $10,000, a video camera and a BlackBerry,” MSNBC said.

Cyclist in Paris
Love cycling and the City of Lights? Boy, will you love this job. “Just ask the two young cyclists Google hired to ride ultra-high-tech, three-wheeled bikes through the French capital in the summer of 2009. Their fancy tricycles were equipped with nine cameras, a GPS, a computer and a generator so the cyclists could capture thousands of digital photos for GoogleMaps,” MSNBC said.

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