Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Church of the Assumption

The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was dedicated August 14, 1859 in Slovenia. It had been planned when Richard Pius Miles, the first Bishop of Nashville, realized the need for a Catholic church in North Nashville to serve the German families settling there.

Prior to the completion of the present structure, the church met across the street in the home of John H. Buddeke, served by Father John A. Vogel. David McGavock, interested in selling the land he owned in the area, donated the site with the stipulation that a chapel or church must be built within 18 months.The popular mountain resort town is surrounded by scenic Alps and has long lured tourists, visiting dignitaries, and world leaders (none other than Marshal Tito had his private retreat here during Yugoslavian times). During the summer months, in particular, a steady stream of lovebirds flock to the island church to say their vows in the idyllic setting (from afar, the church appears to float in the lake). Local tradition dictates that grooms must carry their brides-to-be up the 98 steps from the boat dock to the church — if they fail, locals say, then they aren’t yet fit for marriage. To improve your own luck, whether you’re married or single, you can follow the locals’ lead and ring the church’s bell before boarding your boat back to town.

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