Friday, January 22, 2016

Backpack bicycle

Bergmönch, a combination of a rucksack and a ‘downhill machine’. Due to a smart folding construction, this two wheeler can easily be converted into a backpack. Bergmönch is an innovative folding bike that transforms into a backpack in just 2 minutes.
In mountaineering the buzz comes from your ability to clamber over any terrain however rough, always with one objective in mind – the summit. But descending is hard on the joints, and so it’s a necessary evil. It’s quite different with mountain biking. In that case descending is an adrenaline-fulled thrill worth working for, bringing you effortlessly back to the valley and enabling you to cover large distances. The “Bergmönch” combines the two. It’s a sports device which can easily be carried uphill, and which mutates into a fun-filled downhill device par excellence for the descent.
An integrated system of rucksack and scooter. Uphill you can climb unrestricted with free hands and senses in touch with nature, then swoosh back down to valley level either standing or kneeling. If the terrain is really rough, you can stand on the Bergmönch with your weight well back. Otherwise you can ride kneeling, with relaxed muscles for the descent. This geometry is the logical result of numerous theoretical, and later empirical, evaluation procedures. The riding position, upright, low and set well back to the rear, and the different-sized wheels, all create a well thought-through vehicle concept, which ensures superb handling and safety downhill, while achieving a perfect compromise between compactness in uphill mode and comfort downhill. The overall design concept together with clever detail design solutions allow you transport the “Bergmönch” comfortably and snug against your back, and yet also to enjoy its extreme ground-covering performance with ultra-low weight.

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