Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bizarre Baths

Curry Bath

The photo shows a boy enjoying the curry hot spring in Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. According to the boss of the hot spring center, this kind of bath can improve blood circulation and protect our skin.

Petroleum Bath

The man in the photo above is enjoying the petroleum bath in a sanitarium in Naftalan, Azerbaijan. It is said that this kind of petroleum is full of sulphur and it’s very effective in defense against arthritics and skin disease.

Red Wine Bath

The photo shows a wine steward pouring a bottle of French wine into the hot spring bath in Hakone Kowakien, Japan. If you don’t mind the red wine is getting dirtier, you can drink the red wine while enjoying the bath,

Soil Bath

In Japan’s Kyushu Island, people put their whole bodies into the soil to enjoy the soil bath. It is said that this kind of SPA can promote our body to discharge sweat.

Beer Bath

In the hot spring site at Hakone, in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, people are enjoying the beer hot spring.

Black Mud Bath

In the “dead sea” site at Daying County, Sichuan province, tourists cover their body with black mud to relax themselves. This black mud is quite famous, some people use it for facial mask.

Milk Bath

Some celebrites revealed that the secret to take care of their skins is taking milk bath

Chocolate Bath

The photo shows girls enjoying a chocolate hot spring bath in at Hakone, in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Tomato bath

You can have this Tomato bath during Tomato Festival in Bogota, Columbia. People are immersed in the tomato ocean to celebrate the festival.

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