Friday, November 27, 2015

Shane Gibson

In 2002 Shane Gibson was a member of the then ruling Progressive Liberal Party and was elected to the Parliament of the Bahamas as the Immigration Minister. In February 2007 after the death of Anna Nicole Smith, newspapers published photographs showing the famous model and Gibson in bed together embracing. Even though both were fully clothed, the photographs fired up a controversy because it appeared that a sexual relationship between the two had expedited Smith’s application for permanent residency in the Bahamas. Gibson then resigned because of all the questions and rumors surrounding the nature of his relationship with Smith. When Gibson stepped down, he denied any wrongdoing and apologized to all persons who might have been offended by anything that he might have said or done that was perceived wrong.

Interesting Fact: Soon after Anna Nicole Smith died, the most popular taxi tour in the Bahamas was called (what else) The Anna Nicole Smith Tour. The sightseeing included the Hospital in Nassau where her son Daniel died, the home where she lived with Howard K. Stern and her five month old daughter, the Church where her funeral was and Lakeview Memorial Gardens where she and her son are buried.

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