Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cities by Night

The pics were taken by NASA astronauts from the International Space Station. At first, the pics were not interesting because all of them were blurred, but techniques and devices evolved over the years and now, you can have beautiful clear photos. One interesting thing is that Tokyo seen by night is rather green while other cities are more orange/yellow. In fact, the majority of the urban area in Tokyo has light green mercury vapour lamps instead of orange sodium vapor lamps.

Miami, Florida

Phoenix, Arizona

Los Angeles and San Diego, California

Los Angeles, California

Hong Kong, China

Seoul, South Korea

Tel Aviv (left) and Jerusalem, Israel

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Cairo, Egypt

Athens, Greece

Madrid, Spain

Tokyo Bay, Japan

Chicago, Illinois

Antwerp, Belgium

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Montreal, Canada

El Paso, Texas; and Juarez, Mexico

Houston, Texas

London and the south coast of England

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