Friday, October 2, 2015

Penguins mating

Mating only lasts for 10 to 60 seconds long in some penguins. Penguins are very efficient at mating. The only most important thing in a penguin’s life is mating. In fact they only think about mating, mating, mating and to sound even more interesting, mating. Sometimes penguins mate for fun because they like it and they’re obsessed about it. It is said that penguins mate for pleasure and pair bonding. When you see a penguin mating it means it’s happy.
Some penguins mate for life, others for just one season. They generally raise a small brood, and the parents cooperate in caring for the clutch and for the young. During the cold season on the other hand the mates separate for several months to protect the egg. The male stays with the egg and keeps it warm, and the female goes out to sea and finds food so that when it comes home, the baby will have food to eat. Once the female comes back, they switch. When mothers lose a chick, they sometimes attempt to “steal” another mother’s chick, usually unsuccessfully as other females in the vicinity assist the defending mother in keeping her chick. As the young grow, they assemble in large groups called crèches in some species, such as Emperor Penguins.

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