Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Worst Named Cities in America

10. Dead Horse, Alaska

What more could we say about it without invoking the phrase? If your town is a ‘one horse’ one, better make sure the beast isn’t glue factory-bound.

9. Fleatown, Ohio

Brought in from a curbside mattress. Don’t make any hotel reservations.

8. Hell, Michigan

‘Hell’ might mean bright in German, but these name choices aren’t. If Hell was at a lower latitude, instead of Michigan, at least in the summer it would lend itself to ‘It’s hotter than Hell”, “No it isn’t” repartee.

7. Virginville, Pennsylvania

Not a popular town for the guys, but probably a place most mother’s would like their daughters to take up residence, at least until they are safely married.

6. Looneyville, Texas

You can only blame the township so much, when the founder was name John Looney. At the time the word looney may not have had the connotation it does now. But the stigma must be horrible when you think about your job interview and announce you are from the town of Looneyville.

5. Boogertown, North Carolina

One good thing about Boogertown, is that it’s in Gaston County home of Cito Gaston who captained the Toronto Blue Jays to back to back World Series wins. This may be a stretch, but why don’t YOU come up with something for a substance a construction worker shoots out his left nostril.

4. Boring, Oregon

The community was named for W. H. Boring, an early resident of the area. The name “Boring” is embraced by locals, however, and found in many local businesses, resulting in many road signs that seem humorous to outsiders. Boosters of the village designation use the slogan “The most exciting place to live.

3. Blue Ball, Pennsylvania

The town’s name often gets attention due to it being very similar to blue balls, a sexual condition in males. This joins nearby towns Intercourse, Bird-in-Hand, and Virginville in the list of sexually-suggestive sounding town names in the Pennsylvania Dutch area of Pennsylvania.

2. Spread Eagle, Wisconsin

A city that’s tough on crime, but leaves you feeling compromised.

1. Intercourse, Pennsylvania

The sign reads “Welcome to Intercourse” and how many married men thought the were entering that very “city” when getting married only to find it was a one-way trip to Blue Ball Pennsylvania.

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