Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shangri La Diet

The Shangri La Diet is quite simply one of the most unusual weight loss books ever written. Author Seth Roberts presents his radical ideas without melodrama or hype, and comes up with a weight loss diet that is both controversial and intriguing. The diet itself consists of taking 100–400 calories in the form of either extra-light (not extra-virgin) olive oil or sugar water per day, either all at once or spanned throughout the day. This must be consumed in a flavorless window, which is at least one hour after flavors have been consumed, and at least one hour before flavors will be consumed.[5] The consumption of these flavorless calories supposedly lowers the set point, and therefore, lowers weight. That's it. No calorie counting, no recipes, no forbidden or restricted foods, no meal plans, and no deprivation.

The Shangri-La Diet was turned into a famous book by its inventor, Seth Roberts, a professor at Tsinghua University and professor emeritus of psychology at UC Berkeley, and became a New York Times bestseller

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