Saturday, September 5, 2015

Robert Nixon Prophesies

Robert Nixon was a young man who worked as a plowboy in the county of Cheshire, England, in the late 15th century. Because he rarely spoke, and usually babbled incomprehensibly when he did, Nixon was thought to be mentally retarded. Despite this, he came out with a number of surprising (and apparently accurate) predictions of the future. Here are a few of them:

“The weary eagle shall to an island in the sun retire, where leaves and herbs grow fresh and green. There shall he meet a lady fair” – this is believed to be a prophesy of Napoleon who was sent to St Helena in 1815 – an island with an abundance of rare plants and named for Helen of Troy who was a “lady fair”.

Another curious prophesy is believed by some to predict the worldwide use of cigarettes: “All sorts will have chimneys in their mouths”.

In addition to the above, Nixon is believed to have predicted voyages to the moon, travel by rockets, RVs, voice recording devices and lightbulbs. When he was summoned to the court of Richard III he refused to make any prophesies except that he would be starved to death. The King ordered him to be kept in the kitchen, but a cook (unwittingly) locked him in a cupboard where he starved to death.

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