Sunday, June 21, 2015

5 Love-making Moves That Guys Find Hot

Guys find many things sexy about girls. What a guy finds sexy usually depends on his personal taste. However, the way blokes are wired, some things are universal. The key to a guy’s heart (and bed) is knowing these things and using them wisely. Here is a list as quoted from Idiva :

Moaning in bed

This is possibly the best sound after his favorite song. Moaning in bed is a kind of motivation to keep going all the way. Hence, it will result in extra fun for you too. Stifling those moans in bed may stifle his desire. So moans galore are the way to go.

Wet clothes

This is not restricted to Bollywood movies alone. Try leaving the umbrella at home the next time you visit him on a rainy evening and notice the difference. However, a disclaimer must be added here: it works only if you have a body worthy of a wet T-shirt. Else, umm… just let it be.

Oral sex

Though there may be exceptions to this, oral sex is considered pretty sexy by most guys. However, it’s a pleasurable experience only if done artfully. Do your homework if you really want to turn him on.

The dominatrix

A guy likes nothing more than a woman who knows what she wants. Take the lead during your sexual encounters and order him around. He will love you for that.


We don’t mean your uncanny ability to sing like Mariah Carey. Talent in erotic activities is something he would absolutely adore. One particular talent is kissing. This is an art that several people claim to have perfected but sadly, only a few are experts. If French-kissing is your forte, show it off!

At the end of the day, you have to realize that your man may not subscribe to the stereotype and may have different tastes of his own. This should not get you down.

It just gives you more reason to experiment till you find out what he like.

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