Sunday, June 28, 2015

Finger cutting tradition

The Dani manin Java, Indonesia will cut his/her off hand`s fingers to express his/her love to someone he/she love very much. When a person in Dani`s tribe family pass away, such as a husband of Dani woman, she must cut off her hand`s finger and bury together with the death body of her husband, as symbol of her deepest love to her husband. Her finger represents her body and soul that will always live together with her husband. The number of fingers that will be cut off depends on how many persons she loves even though she will lose all of her hand`s fingers and unable her for gardening effectively. The Dani`s tribe do this rite not only to express loves to intern Dani`s tribe but also to the outsider person like Buginese or Javanese who has strong emotional relationship to Dani man or Dani`s family. Many Buginese lives in Baliem Valley, some of them have been living there for many years, even some have married Dani`s women, and they usually help Dani people and support their livelihood. Some Buginese have also adopted some young Dani man as their child and the Dani man also have considered the Buginese as his/her parent. When the Buginese die, this Dani man will cut off his/her hand`s finger to express his/her deepest love to his father/mother of Buginess.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mail Order Amputee Brides

Mail order brides are a sad thing to begin with, but it could get worse. A specific mail order bride service excels by selling “amazing, strong, tender Russian ladies.” The kicker is that they are also amputees.