Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kick ‘em Jenny

Kick ‘em Jenny is a submarine volcano located 8km north of Grenada. The volcano is about 1300m high, and its summit is currently thought to be about 180m below the surface of the sea. Kick ‘em Jenny is the only ‘live’ (likely to erupt again) submarine volcano in the Eastern Caribbean. It is also the most frequently active volcano in the region, erupting at least 12 times since it was discovered in 1939. The last eruption of Kick ‘em Jenny occurred in December 2001. For details of that eruption go to news archives. The volcano is currently at Alert Level YELLOW and there is 1.5km exclusion zone around the volcano.

The volcano has erupted on at least twelve occasions since 1939 and 2001 (the last being on December 4, 2001), although none of the eruptions have been as large as the 1939 one and most were only detected seismically. The larger eruptions have also been heard underwater or on land close to the volcano as a deep rumbling sound.The volcano was unknown before 1939, although “Kick ‘em Jenny” appeared on earlier maps as either the name of a small island now called Diamond Rock, or the name of the strait between Grenada and Ronde Island (or Île de Ronde). The name itself may be a reference to the waters sometimes being extremely rough.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blackening the Bride

In the Scottish pre-wedding tradition of “Blackening the Bride,” The bride is taken by surprise and covered with foul substances, such as eggs, various sauces, feathers, and well you name it.The bride to be, officially blackened, is the then paraded around town, and of course a few pubs, for all to see.Filmed in Fraserburgh and Rosehearty, in the north east of Scotland in 2007. A bride to be is subjected to a traditional ‘blackening’, one of the strangest of all pre-wedding traditions.