Friday, March 27, 2015

Man-Juice Diet

Just when you thought you had heard about every possible way to lose weight - one technique has emerged that could be considered the most original yet! Kim Kelly, a pornographic actress, BBW model, and escort from Santa Monica, California, came up with an all protein formula- that some may find hard to swallow, but extremely effective. In 2002, the plump Kelly publicly attempted to lose weight by an all-semen diet. She lost 15 pounds on her "Man Juice Diet" by spending 30 days on a diet consisting of semen, banana smoothies and brocolli. Via fellatio, Kelly extracted about three to six teaspoons of semen per day. The average ejaculation is roughly 1 teaspoon and contains 15 calories. The semen portion of Kim Kelly's diet therefore only contributed 45 to 90 calories of her daily nutrition, a minor fraction of what is required by a normal adult. It is likely that the only aspect of her semen diet that differentiated it from a banana smoothie diet is the exercise she received while fellating her participants

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