Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bangweulu Swamps

The Bangweulu swamp system is fed by about seventeen rivers of which the Chambeshi (the source of the Congo River) is the largest, and is drained by the Luapula River.

The lake lays on vastly stretched axis of 75 km, having a width of more than 40 meters with an average depth of 4 meters. When the rainy season comes to play, the lake’s water surface reaches a massive 3000km².

The lake is considered more of a fishing spot for local fish merchandisers and also for visitors who come to this area for a tranquil escape. The lake holds a large variety of fish and remains the largest compound of fisheries in Africa. The most common variety of fish found in Bangweulu includes the bream, tiger fish, catfish and yellow belly.

Most tourists, who come to Zambia, drive to the lake for enjoying a nice calm picnic.

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