Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Magnet man

His name is Miroslav Mandic. He is a real magnet man in the world. He has become a massive attraction in his Serbian homeland since he discovered his power. Miroslav Mandic, 67, who lives with his wife in Simanovci, has baffled medics by being able to stick coins, cutlery and any metal object all over his body.
The real life Magneto said : "It started when I was a young man and I was trying to pay for a newspaper and the change just wouldn't leave my hand. Over the years it has got stronger and it can be quite a nuisance now except of course people never seem to get tired of me walking around with keys or phones or even an iron stuck to me."
"But my wife curses me because every time I walk past the radio or TV it changes channel."

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