Monday, December 1, 2014

Eco-friendly Baby Carriage

We have always been talking about eco-friendliness in the adult world but what about kids and bonny babies? Well, somebody in Japan thought of changing that. Because Tokyo Design Week saw a baby stroller at 100 % Futures designed by an unnamed student that is powered by the sun's energy. The solar panels incorporated in it are expected by the reviewers to power some baby toys or even your iPod when you are strolling with your baby in the park. Plus you can perhaps, also customize the stroller whichever way you like to accommodate the baby gadgets that run on the sun.To be honest, we are not exactly sure about the actual use of the solar panels. But we do know that your green mind will find ways to utilize this concept to tap the renewable source of energy in multiple fashions. And as we already know that the designer is not known so we cannot even question him on his ideation. All we can see is that it's white and very pretty

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