Thursday, June 12, 2014

Midnight Sun Marathon

Founded in 1989, the Midnight Sun Marathon has been around for about two decades and is considered to be quite extreme for the average runner. Today it is said that over 50 nations are represented in the race each year. It takes place in Tromsø, Norway annually, usually in the month of June. Those who participate get the chance to run across the Tromsø Bridge, which is 44 meters above sea level and then run back to the central part of the city. The most exciting part about this marathon is the fact that it takes place during the midnight sun. The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs only in the summer months near the Arctic Circle. At midnight, runners will be able to see the sun and with ideal clear weather, the sun can be seen for the entire 24 hours of the day. This marathon is ideal for every runner of every age: there are half marathons, mini marathons, and even a marathon that is set specifically for young runners.

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