Friday, February 7, 2014

Least Spoken Languages in the World

Ter Sami (2 people)
Te Sami language is almost a dead language, there are only two people who can speak it and after them this language shall disappear from the face of earth. It was spoken in the northeastern part of the Kola Peninsula, Russia. USSR is accused to be the culprit who had its focus on Russian language only which ended up wiping out smaller languages.

Kayardild language (10 people)
Same like Ter Sami, Kayardild language is also guest on the earth and is going to be disappeared soon. The language was mostly spoken on Bentinck Island and surrounding islands such as Sweers Island, North West Queensland, Australia

Ume Sami (approximately 10)
Ume Sami language is spoken along Ume River (one of the main rivers in northern Sweden). New Testament was translated into Ume Sami language in 1775; after few years nobody will be able to read that translation and shall be saved like antique.

Pite Sami (approximately 20)
There are approximately 20 native speaker of Pite Sami language in Sweden and Norway. Pite Sámi is one of the four Sámi languages that do not have an official written language

Votic language (20)
World’s fifth dying language is spoken by Votes in Ingria, northwestern Russia. Votic has six tenses, two of which are basic: present, imperfect; and the rest of which are compound tenses: present perfect, past perfect, future and future perfect

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