Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Miss Atom

This is a beauty pageant with a nuclear twist.

“The idea behind the contest is to demonstrate how many beautiful girls and young women work in nuclear, because this industry has been closed from public for a long time and the word “atom” evoked usually negative feelings,” explains Ilya Platonov, Nuclear.Ru‘s General Manager. Nuclear.Ru is the organizer of the Miss Atom, a web-based beauty pageant open to contestants, aged 18-35, that are employees of businesses, companies and institutions of the State Corporation “Rosatom” as students of nuclear-related educational establishments.

The popular Miss Atom has been run since 2004. Apparently, last year was as hot as a fission core with a record 340 participants representing more than 60 organizations, businesses and educational institutions in nuclear related fields in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Profile photos often have contestants posing against backdrops like nuclear power plant, machinery and objects. Miss Atom is held every year as an image-building PR campaign for the Russian nuclear industry

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