Saturday, November 30, 2013

Newest Hotel Discount

Travelers are always scouting for new ways to scrimp and save on their next vacation: discount rates, last-minute deals, cheap eats, et cetera. But getting a room in a five-star hotel for free may be about to get easier, as long as you’re willing to bump uglies with your partner in said room while millions of voyeurs watch over the web.

The details are a bit scarce at this point, but plans are in the works to set up more than 100 hotels around the globe, where subscribers will be able to tap into a network of live webcams showing guests getting busy in their hotel rooms. In exchange for amateur hour, the guests will grab their hotel room for free for the night.

Berth Milton Jr., whose pops is said to have originated hardcore pornography in the 1960s, is the grandmaster of the suite scheme, saying the hotels could bring in almost $44 million in subscriber fees. The Swedish smut king, who was at the top of the XXX DVD pyramid in the ’90s, did “field research” at more than a dozen swingers club in Barcelona—tough gig!—and concluded that for the lodge to be successful, he’s going to have to open it up to everyone, not just swingers. “It has to be a hotel for non-swingers as well–not super-explicit where everybody’s running around naked,” Milton said. “That takes the style and class out of it.”

You have to admit: This is a pretty solid moneymaker, at least in Europe or Asia. Amateur porn is rapidly rising to the top as the choice of Internet viewers, and its availability is growing by the minute. And if there are 100 hotels around the world, with potentially thousands of people inside of them, all getting busy at all times of the day? This is Willy Wonka-caliber stuff here, people. Imagine if it spread to paying for your entire vacation: sex on a plane, sex on a train, sex in the lobby of the….

Just one thing: What are the criteria for guests, here? Do we have to crawl on our hands and knees down an oiled runway or sashay in something in latex to be cleared for takeoff? How about STDs? Can we have those? Could we stay for a whole damn month for free, as long as we spend most of it blowing and bumping? And how shall we get on the waiting list?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Greater Sage Grouse

The near-threatened Greater Sage Grouse rocks a regal look with proper tail feathers and a majestic bosom. Males inflate the two sacs on their chest to attract females.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

La Sabaneta Prison

Venezuela – Venezuela is known for its brutal prisons, where violence is a daily occurrence, and inmates are at the mercy of disease outbreaks, underpaid staff, little medical services, and insufficient food and care. La Sabaneta is the worst of the worst, a place where cholera outbreaks have wiped out 700 inmates, amidst “appalling violence” and riots that triggered a horrific massacre of 100 inmates back in 1994. Death is rampant at La Sabaneta, and the hair-trigger tempers of inmates and staff are thought to be linked to idleness and boredom, as no activities are permitted to release tension: left to their own devices, prisoners fight amongst themselves, fashion shivs and other deadly weapons, and kill one another in this truly archaic penal facility.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Miss Condom

Here is how this one goes. You just take a condom, prepare your lungs and blow it to the hilt. Thailand, a country battling growing AIDS problem, hosts this four-nation contest. Aimed as an infotainment event, the contest also requires participants to answer questions on the deadly virus and safe sex practices.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Dating Website for Beautiful People

BeautifulPeople, which as its name clearly states, is a dating site devoted exclusively to good looking people. The company's latest venture is to create a "virtual sperm and egg bank" (in reality a fertility introduction service) stocked with donors from the beauty gene pool. Best of all, it's open to ugly folks who want to better their hereditary lines

Friday, November 22, 2013

Nika Riots

While most riots usually last a day or two, the Nika riots in 532A.D. lasted a week, and today the riots are known as the deadliest ever, with thousands left dead throughout the city. Half of the city was burned to ashes and debris and the number of people who died is truly shocking. The riots took place in Constantinople at the Hippodrome and turned very violent after the news of the emperor of the time, Justinian I, not bringing releasing two men who were accused of murder. The name of the riots, “nika” means conquer, which really sets the stage for the riots. Those who participated often shouted the word.

How it started

In the fifth century, chariot races and other type of Olympic-like games were very popular. Just like in today’s world, there were teams that would compete against each other to become the champion. The two teams of the time of the riots were the Blues and the Greens. Justinian was very fond of the Blues and definitely made this known. However, a few days before the riot started, players from each of the teams was accused of murder and sentenced to execution. Many of the team members were hanged but somehow the execution was botched and one member of each team escaped and went into hiding at a church sanctuary. People called upon Justinian to have these men released; instead, he had the church secured by guards. At the games people called for the release of the men, but Justinian did nothing, and the violence started. Rioters banded together and began to set various buildings on fire, including the Hippodrome after the emperor decided to hold even more chariot races the next day.

How it ended

As the city grew more out of control, those who worked with Justinian, his senators, decided this was an opportune time to overthrow him as they did not agree with his new tax laws. Because of this, the senators joined in on the rioting and called for a new emperor as well as for John the Cappadocian and Tribonian step down for supporting Justinian’s tax ideas. However, this did not happen and with the rioting continuing, Justinian had two of his guards go to the Hippodrome and lock the doors to keep the people inside. The two men then killed everyone who was inside. By the end of it all, 30,000 people were dead and a majority of the city was left in a disastrous state. Justinian did eventually have the city rebuilt after he exiled those who turned against him.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Womb erections

Most mothers don't like to think about their baby boys getting erections, even when they are teenagers, but the fact is that many baby boys get boners while they're still in the womb. In fact, babies of both sexes are known to masturbate in utero, but boys are the only ones who can be caught while aroused on the sonogram.

If having sex while pregnant seemed a little creepy before now, just imagine what your baby is doing while you make love

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Elephant Lice

Haematomyzus elephantis is a true louse, a parasite like the head lice that attack us humans, but can be found only on the bodies of elephants. Unusual among most lice, the jaws of these insects are on the end of long, thin snouts – almost like the trunks of their hosts. It’s far from coincidence, as the long snoot is used to penetrate an elephant’s thick, wrinkled hide.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

World's Fattest Contortionist

With the ability to press his soles to his cheeks, turn himself into a human dart board, and dislocate his shoulders to escape from a straitjacket, Matt Alaeddine's résumé reads more like a medical examiner's report. Couple that with his sizable mass — well over 400 pounds — and the city comic and contortionist has found a ticket around the world, securing him a place in the infamous Jim Rose Circus. Founded in the '90s, the circus features extreme, often masochistic onstage acts involving everything from sword swallowing to genital lifts.

Alaeddine, 30, is one of three Edmontonians in the American troupe of pain-loving freaks. He started doing contortion as a street performer at the Edmonton Fringe Festival about 10 years ago. When performing his contortions, Alaeddine stuffs his rolling hillsides into a gold nylon suit labelled “one size fits all” that he bought from the women's section of a hipster-friendly clothing store.”

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Laser Keyboard

Mobile devices are incredibly convenient, but thumb typing is harf. But no matter how hard it is to type with your thumbs or on a touch screen keyboard, it’s not like you can carry around a full keyboard wherever you go, right? That sort of defeats the purpose of a mobile device. Well not really if your keyboard is only the size of a small cell phone, but how is that possible? The Magic Cube Laser Keyboard projects a keyboard onto any surface, allowing you to get a natural typing experience without lugging around a big qwerty everywhere you go—it even makes a clicking noise when you type.