Saturday, June 8, 2013

World's Last Public Execution By Guillotine

In 1977, Tunisian immigrant Hamida Djandoubi became the last person to be executed by France's infamous guillotine. Djandoubi had been convicted of torturing and murdering his girlfriend, Elizabeth Bousquet, in Marseille.

After unsuccessfully forcing Bousquet into prostitution she filed a complaint against him, which lead him to seek revenge. Djandoubi lured two other young girls into a prostitution ring and forced them to watch as he kidnapped Bousquet, raped her, and burned her breasts and genitals with cigarettes before finally driving her out of town and strangling her to death.

Djandoubi attempted to kidnap another girl one month later, but she was able to escape and report him to the police. He was executed by guillotine on September 10, 1977. France abolished capital punishment in 1981

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