Friday, April 19, 2013

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, one of the world’s most famous icons, was born in Los Angeles on June 1, 1926 by name Norma Jeane Mortenson. No other movie star lived a more glamorous yet tragic life than Ms. Monroe, who died on August 5, 1962 in suspicious circumstances.

Norma Jean spent most of her childhood in foster homes and orphanages until 1937, when she moved in with a family friend Grace McKee Goddard, but when her husband was moved to East Coast they didn’t have enough money to bring Norma with them, so she had two choices: returning to the orphanage or getting married. She got wed with her neighbor Jimmy Dougherty, whom she dated for six months, in 1942. The marriage didn’t last to long. He joined the Marines and got transferred to South Pacific in 1944. After his leaving Norma took a job assembly line at the Radio Plane Munitions factory in California. A photographer David Conovel, while taking photos of women contributing to the war effort for Yank, magazine noticed Norma. He just couldn’t believe his luck. Camera loved Norma. She was every photographer dream, in two years she become a reputable model. In 1946, Jimmy returned and she was again having two choices: marriage or carrier. And as we all well know the choice was carrier, so they got divorced that year. And her carrier was off to go…she signed her first contract with Twenty Century Fox , dyed her hair blond changed her name into Marilyn Monroe ( borrowing her grandmothers last name), and all the rest is a history well known.

There were so many stories written about here but she still remains a great inspiration for everyone. The girl who managed to make an institution of her name is certainly to be respected. Her first appearance in movie was a small role part in “The Shocking Miss Pilgrin”, but her first bigger appearance was in “The asphalt jungle” and so the roles flowed: “ All about Eve”, “ Let’s make it legal”, “Monkey business”, “ Don’t bother to knock”, “Niagara”, “Gentleman prefer blondes”, “How to marry a millionaire”, “The prince and the show girl”, “Someone like it hot”, “The misfits”, “Montgomery Clift” and one left unfinished “Something’s got to give”….

Marilyn was not interesting only for her movies but also her life was a thing witch interested everyone. Her status of a sex symbol was a blessing and ballast for her. About her love life was written and talked a lot. Everyone knows about her marriage with famous baseball player Joe DiMaggio, whom she married in 1956, but it lasted only for few months, since her fame and sexual image became a theme that hunted their marriage. Two years after that she is in marriage again, but now with a famous writer Arthur Miller. At that time there was lot of talking about her relationship with Kennedy, but all remained in pure gossip stories nothing was ever confirmed. At that time she was depressed and took pills and was drinking, witch was not a good thing for her acting, it was almost impossible to work with her, but never the less that didn’t stop her to run off from the shooting (“ Montgomery Clift”) and attend the presidents birthday party and sings her famous: Happy birthday to you Mr. President.

Sadly, in the shocking turn of events on the early morning of August 5, 1962, 36-year old Marilyn was found dead in her home. Apparently she died in her sleep. The world was stunned. Nobody knows how that happened. There are a lot of stories, and even ones about conspiracy theory, the government and her relationship with the president, but I believe that more to be true is that she was a sad woman and that she couldn’t cope with all that popularity…

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