Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 Lies Men Speak to Women

I can fix anything

This is a very common lie a man speaks to a woman, Men usually love to think that they can fix everything and nothing is impossible for them, so they can do everything; Men speak this lie even if they have no clue of the actual problem, but their ego stops them to admit this fact.

I never lie to you

This is another lie which boys frequently speak to their girlfriends, there are several reasons for this lie, first they want to proof girls that they are Mister nice guy, second Guys say they don’t fib because they want girl to believe about their sincerity towards the girl.

You are looking awesome as always

Girls should realize this fact: they can’t look beautiful each and every time; they should keep this in mind, if their boyfriend is praising her every time they both meet ,this means he is lying with her and he is surely flirting.

I tried to call you but…

Girl asks his boyfriend: “Why you dint call me last night”, boy replies: “I called you but your mobile was not responding”; Boy’s reply is like this, because he fears of losing his girlfriend,so he always avoids to tell the truth that he forgot to call her, so he tries to cover up his mistake by telling a lie to his girl.

Nothing wrong,I am Ok

Women and men are completely different when it comes to what’s bothering them. Men like to look strong in front of their women. Again its something to do with their egos. If he says Nothing is wrong but you know hes lying just leave him alone. Men like to deal with their problems alone unlike women who have 10 girlfriends over for cake and coffee so they can all sort out their problems.

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