Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Six funny reasons why you should date a big girl

Not Afraid To Eat

It’s boring when you sit down at a nice restaurant and your date orders a garden salad. Yea it’s cheaper, but if we weren’t ready to pay for a Filet Mignon, we wouldn’t have asked to take you out. A big girl is likely to clean her plate (and yours) and have enough room for dessert. Eating alone is no fun.

Less Likely To Be Conceited

Super hot girls who get hit on constantly, are stuck up beyond belief. Comments like “Hey I like your hair today” get laughed at and grazed over. They’ve also got entire cell phone full of guys who want to bang them. That means, even if you do end up dating her, she’s liable to be getting drilled by 2 or 3 other fleshrockets at the same time.

Will Give You A BJ That You Won’t Ever Forget

Every single guy who read this and experienced it is smiling right now. I asked my dad a few years ago “Hey dad, why do fat girls give better head?” This is when he told me that they will work a lot harder to keep their man. A model can get whoever she wants, so why perfect the art? My dad is smart, so we’re going to use this as an acceptable answer.

More Durable

Do you ever like to wrestle around with your girl? Maybe throw her in an armbar or choke hold while you’re watching a UFC event on TV? Damn right you do, it’s fun. Kinda like body slamming a little brother into the couch cushions when your parents weren’t looking. Anyway, I have found that girls with a little bit of weight on them, can dish it out and take it too. Sure they might be out of breath after 30 seconds of grappling, but at least they won’t cry about you messing up their hair.

Will Keep You In Shape

I don’t even know how to explain this next part without getting graphic. You know how when you go down on a girl, sometimes you put your hands under her butt cheeks to lift her towards you? Well, try doing that with a girl who weighs over a buck ninety. It’s hard. And if you look at your biceps while doing so, you’ll see that they’re getting all pumped up. Are we on the same page yet? A meal and a workout all in one.

Warmer When It’s Cold Out

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