Friday, October 19, 2012


Born with leg deformities, Faith had to have both of her front legs removed when she was only seven months old. For most dogs, this would lead to a life that really wouldn’t be worth living, but her owners kept the Faith – literally – and most astonishingly, this perky little pooch discovered how to walk on her hind legs alone, walking upright like a person. A two-legged dog who has learned to walk upright has been made an honorary sergeant in the U.S. army for inspiring disabled war veterans. Faith, an eight-year old labrador-chow cross is a favorite at army bases and hospitals, where she ‘marches’ around on her hind legs, dressed in a military jacket. Her owner Jude Stringfellow, from Oklahoma City, is now trying to bring the remarkable canine to Britain to meet troops wounded in Afghanistan.

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