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Modern Robots

Rich Walker demonstrates a robotic arm that was created to assist the military in the heart of the defense companies in Oxford on 11 February.

The dentist demonstrates the use of a new humanoid named Hanako, developed by engineers of the local universities of Tokyo. The robot will help future dentists in practice. There is Hanako teeth made of hard plastic, as well as a realistic mouth, which can bleed and is salivating like a normal person. The robot also recognizes the voice and speech, so that students can not only improve their professional abilities, but also learn how to communicate with patients.

Android from South Korea named "EveR-3″ in traditional costume during a performance in the musical in Seoul on February 18. Developed by South Korean robot, declared in the play "Princess of the robot and the Seven Dwarfs" is already assigned to other roles in this year.

Suspected Warren Taylor lying on the ground, surrendering the robot at the post office in Viteville December 23, 2009. Taylor is accused of hostage-taking.

Humanoid robot without a "face" presented at the largest exhibition of robots in Tokyo on November 28, 2009. This life-size robot designed to help dental students. His name is "Simroid" (short for "simulation" and "humanoid"). The robot has realistic skin, eyes and mouth, which you can put a copy of these teeth, so students can drill them. The robot, by the way, knows how to cry if something goes wrong treatment.

Four-legged robot named BigDog was created to help soldiers carry heavy equipment in the field.

A robot named Robovi-II, developed by Japanese robot research institution «ATR», goes to the supermarket during the shopingovogo "experiment in Kyoto on January 6. Robot welcomes customers at the entrance to the store, and then follows it up with a basket, recalling the products you want to buy. These products are the buyer in advance of making a list in a special device in the robot.

A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Kenton Williams checks the face robot named Nexia March 5.

Robot Company «The Shadow Robot» with gripper in the hand performs a task at the event «Streetwise Robots» at the Museum of Science 6 May 2008 in London. This robot has 40 muscles that allow him to make up to 24 movements.

These photos can be seen "Cyber Rights» HRP-4C, which looks like a typical Japanese girl. The robot expresses different emotions: anger (left) and surprise (right).

Captain Judith Gallagher units snipers demonstrates blast robot, known as the 'Dragon Runner' during the photo session, devoted to military technology, in London on 17 March. The robot weighs 10-20 kg and easily fits in a backpack soldier, moreover, he can work on rough surfaces.

Robot-English teacher standing in front of children in elementary school in Daejeon, 140 kilometers of tSeula, December 11, 2009. Robots teacher who never gets angry and do not make sarcastic remarks, made in some schools, the South Korean furor.

Robots collect cars «Nissan Patrol» on the company's plant «Nissan Shatai Kyushu Co.» In Kanda Town, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, February 24.

The new robot is the Japanese company «Kawada Industries» on behalf Neksteydzh cuts the ribbon along with other officials at the opening ceremony of the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo November 25, 2009.

Playing soccer robots at the largest fair of technical innovations «CeBIT» March 2, 2010 in Hanover. The fair, held from 2 to 6 March, its products were 4157 companies from 68 countries.

An American soldier walks past a robot designed to mine sites, which is named after a cartoon robot Valley, Camp Lezernek in Helmand province on March 10.

Engineering student calms the child-robot during a presentation at the University of Tsukuba laboratory on 12 February. Robot Etaro laughing and waving legs, if you wave in front of him rattle, but it can cry and freaked out when tickle him too often.

An employee engineering company «Festo» dumbbells gives the robot 15 April 2007 in Hanover, on the eve of technological fairs.

Lunokhod-2 "(bright spot at the top left) and traces of ostalennye (weak in the center) on the surface of the Moon March 12, 2010. This photo was taken with the Lunar orbiter. Lunokhod-2 "landed on the moon on Jan. 15, 1973, and worked for almost four months, breaking the distance of 37 km.

Work passes the two-armed robot named "Motoman" the Japanese company «Yaskawa Electric» during final preparations for the industrial fair in Hanover April 18, 2008.

A soldier watches a robot-sapper in the administrative building in the province of Yala, about 1,084 kilometers south of Bangkok on February 18. A resident of the local village informed the police about a suspicious box on the street. The box had nothing.

Actor Branch Uorshem dances with a robot at the dress rehearsal of the musical "Robots" in theater "Barnaba" in Servione, near Lausanne, 22 April 2009. The musical tells the story of a man who went into voluntary exile with three robots (butler, pets and dancer), which comes to a woman, representing the last link with the human world.

In this photo released Feb. 16 by an Israeli company, you see a medium-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle with a long duration flight «Heron» for strategic and tactical missions. With a wingspan of up to 16.6 meters and a launch weight of 1250 kg, this aircraft can climb to 9144 meters and can fly up to 50 hours without stopping. At the moment, they are used by coalition forces in Afghanistan, relying on their ability to exploration and production information in real time, which they can deliver directly to commanders and soldiers on the front line.

Humanoid robot, designed specifically to attract the interest of students to the robot, is presented on a general review of Professor Nippon Institute of Technology Yuichi Nakazato (top right) in Miyashiro Dec. 19, 2009.

An Israeli expert on explosives controls the robot after the planned detonation of explosives on the beach Palmachim south of Tel Aviv on February 3.

Robot Mahr Zed (right), developed by the Korean Institute of Science and Technology, takes a toast in Seoul on January 15. South Korean scientists have developed a walking robot that can clean the house, throwing things in the washing machine and even reheat food in a microwave oven. The development of this robot at the Institute lasted two years. The robot 1,3 m high and weighs 55 kg.

View the crater of ConcepciĆ³n, made with NASA's Mars rover «Opportunity», in February 2010. Concepcion – a young crater, which is to research autonomous rovers «Opportunity». Using a system of autonomous research, rover analyzed the images to detect features that are most suitable criteria for the goal – in this case, the stones that were larger and darker. Then the rover used the program for Bole detailed examination object using a panoramic camera.

"Child-robot with biomimetricheskim body, or (abbreviated)" CB2 "examined in the laboratory in Osaka August 30, 2007. The robot is made "in the guise of" this child from one to three years to assist in exploring issues related to the development of children.

Student Branch «Imformatics PHD» Sebastian Bittser pressed close to a programmed Kondo humanoid in the building of the Forum «Imformatics» at the University of Edinburgh, September 3, 2008.

Robot Topio plays ping-pong on Mezhduanrodnoy exhibition of robots in Tokyo November 25, 2009. This dvuhpedalny humanoid robot created for the game of table tennis against the people.

Military self-propelled robot "Crusher" rides in the desert in New Mexico on Feb. 19, 2008. This six-wheeled vehicle weighing 6.5 tons and a machine gun 50-caliber on the roof has no driver, no places for the soldiers. "Crusher" – this is automatically controlled car that will never see this battle.

Amputated arm Pierpaolo Petrutstsiello electrodes connected to the robotic arm during the experiment, entitled "Hand of life" in the bio-medical campus of the University of Rome. The experiment was conducted to enable a person to manage their dentures mentally. In December 2009, a group of European scientists announced that they have successfully connected the robotic arm with the hand of man – Petrutstsiello, who lost his arm in a car accident. This allowed him to control an artificial power of thought and feeling different pulses in an artificial hand. The experiment lasted a month. Scientists say that this was the first time the amputee could do complex movements, using thoughts to control bio-mechanical arm attached to his nervous system.

Robotic arm for NASA's new Mars rover bent almost 90 degrees. Robotic arm is tested in the laboratory to develop a jet engine in Pasadena, California. The rover was named «Curiosity» (from English. "Curiosity") and should be launched in October 2011. The hand with special tools will move to collect samples of Martian rocks and soil. This hand is identical to the one that will be installed on the rover 

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