Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crazy Butt Tattoos

Tattoo freakiness has no limits, meet some of the worst butt tattoos ever.

Yeah, it happens, especially if you are so close to that area. 

Butt in a butt in a butt = Butt3 

Butt nipples tattoo – please, say it, WTF!!!!! 

Do they need to strip together every time they want to show up their tattoos?

How about getting a tattoo of your best buddies face on your ass? I'm sorry, guys, but friendship has limits. 

The world is so big you need both cheeks to cover it. 

Just classic, Pac-man! 

What's the deal with cute Hello Kitty tattoos located in not so cute places? 

Oh, man. A croissant reading the paper while drinking coffee. How civilized! That is, until you remind yourself that this dainty croissant is a tattoo. On someone's ass. 

I have to agree with that!

Zolph seems to be a lucky guy. 

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