Friday, September 10, 2010

Weird Names Ladies Call Their Vaginas

If Kotex isn't allowed to say "vagina" or even "down there" in their tampon commercials, they should check out, a veritable thesaurus of ladyparts synonyms. is asking ladies to "tell us what you lovingly call yours ..." and graphing the answers in a massive tag cloud. Let's take a look at16 straight-up weird names we girls call our vag.

See-you-next-Tuesday, vajayay and coochie are the most popular names. But there's also:

  1. Lady Garden
  2. Lady Gaga
  3. Foo Foo
  4. Cabbage Patch
  5. The Batcave
  6. Chamber of Secrets
  7. Buffy
  8. Woohoo
  9. Honey Pot
  10. Foof
  11. Mimsy
  12. Hotbox
  13. Wizard's Sleeve
  14. Front Bottom
  15. Bubblegum
  16. Muffin 

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