Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kissing sense

Kissing is an essential element of good lovemaking and it should come as no surprise that its erotic delights are scrutinised in Kama Sutra. An accomplished kisser can elevate a lover to dizzy heights of passion and go to places no man has gone before. This primal activity is often the first erotic point of contact between lovers and it should be mastered and practiced regularly by any serious aficionado of life. The health benefits may not be documented nor its frequency regulated by the state, but we all know instinctively that we need it to thrive. Adult games are vastly improved with good oral techniques, see our article on Mouth Music, of which kissing is one of the essentials.

Non-penetrative kisses are described by Kama Sutra as Innocent Kisses. They involve manoeuvres such as The Bent Kiss, where two lovers bend their heads towards each other in a traditional Hollywood ‘first kiss’ scenario. It is a light, tentative embrace and an initial opportunity to explore or ignite a lover’s ardour.

The Turned Kiss, when one lover turns their partner’s face up to theirs by holding their head or chin in their hands, reveals an inner impulse and its intention to physically possess its subject.

An escalation of sexual tension may involve applying pressure to the lips in the form of The Pressed Kiss in which a lover plays with their partner’s bottom lip, pressing it between their fingers before touching it with their tongue. Increasing eye contact during this kiss will heighten pleasure and increase arousal because it teases and hints at things to come.

Kama Sutra also mentions The Straight Kiss, which does exactly what it says on the wrapper; it is a bog-standard full-frontal kiss on the lips, avoiding noses. As with all kissing, it depends on how and where you get started but even the most innocent kiss has huge erotic potential so it would be a mistake to dismiss the basics.

Kama Sutra denotes three types of kisses allowed to young girls and their lovers but although they are highly charged, they do not involve any penetration or application of significant pressure to the lips. The Nominal Kiss is described as “when a girl only touches the mouth of her lover with her own but does not do anything”.

The Throbbing Kiss is allowed if the girl wants to “set aside her bashfulness a little, wishing to touch the lip that is against her mouth” and involves her moving only her bottom lip in a slight movement.

The Touching Kiss is “when a girl touches her lover’s lips with her tongue and having shut her eyes, places her hands in those of her lover”. The senses are aroused by introducing more stimuli from using the tongue and by holding hands. When lovers close their eyes they are unable to accurately anticipate what will happen next until they feel it; it is wildly exciting. Although these are presented as the most innocent of kisses it is easy to see how they could build sexual tension between lovers and be the start of something big.

In stark contrast to the repressed sexuality of youth, Kama Sutra describes the overt sexual maturity of Passionate Kissing, which penetrates the body and whips the senses into an erotic frenzy. Passionate kissing escalates sexual arousal to a point where full intercourse is highly desirable, highly probable and where anything seems possible.

The Kiss of The Upper Lip is a deliciously animalistic exchange where the man kisses the woman’s upper lip and the woman kisses his bottom lip; it is as though the lovers are literally feasting on each other.

The Clasping Kiss is another all consuming kiss “when one of the lovers takes both the lips of the other between his or her own”. Kama Sutra advises that this is a kiss for the clean-shaven as a mouthful of moustache is not a huge turn on.

The most adventurous kiss leads on from The Clasping kiss and is called The Fighting of the Tongue. It involves penetrating the mouth with the tongue and touching the teeth, the tongue and the palate of the other; basically every part of the lover’s mouth is explored.

Kissing has been both a sumptuous indulgence and an essential element of human experience for thousands of years and therefore it is highly recommended that you keep practicing and enjoying it on a regular basis. It is our duty to keep these ancient skills alive for future generations so pucker-up and get snogging.

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